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Litigation Against Twin Bridges Waste and Recycling, LLC

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For Many Years...

County Waste and Recycling Service, Inc. and Robert Wright Disposal, Inc. have loyally serviced customers across the Greater Capital Region of New York. Above all else, we value safety, integrity and exceptional customer service – reasons we continue to keep the trust and business of so many longtime local customers. 

Recently, County Waste and Recycling Service and Robert Wright Disposal filed an amended lawsuit against Twin Bridges Waste and Recycling, LLC, because “Twin Bridges has clearly demonstrated it will not stop its unlawful, deceptive, and misleading behavior unless forced to do so by court action” (2021 Amended Complaint, Page 19). We’ve created this page to highlight our concerns.

Keep in mind: Scott Earl, the principal owner and executive officer of Twin Bridges Waste and Recycling, owned County Waste and Recycling Service from 1990 until Waste Connections purchased it for over $300 million in 2011. Also note, “Jerry Cifor has been a close business associate of Scott Earl for more than a dozen years and has repeatedly acted as a representative and agent for both Earl and Twin Bridges” (2021 Amended Complaint, Page 16).


The Litigation

Below are direct quotations from our November 2020 and October 2021 filings that reflect some of our biggest concerns:

“Twin Bridges' Pattern and Practice of Making False Statements to Solicit Customers”


2020 Complaint

Page 5

Twin Bridges’ “Repeated Pattern of Making the Same False Statements as a matter of Corporate Policy”

2021 Amended Complaint

Page 16

“[Jerry] Cifor sent unsolicited text messages to Jerry Wright, former owner and current employee of Plaintiff Robert Wright, stating . . . ‘Your desire for revenge will hurt you and your family.’ . . . Cifor's [texts] . . . were plainly intended to intimidate Jerry Wright as a potential witness in this case”


2021 Amended Complaint

Page 17

“Twin Bridges' Interference with Confidentiality and Non-Competition Agreement”


2020 Complaint

Page 11

Twin Bridges’ “Tortious Interference with Customer Contracts,” including by Scott Earl personally


2021 Amended Complaint

Pages 13, 22

Twin Bridges’ “Tortious Interference with Prospective Business Relations”


2020 Complaint

Page 19

False Statements in Twin Bridges Fliers and Emails,” including by Scott Earl personally


2020 Complaint

Page 8

2021 Amended Complaint

Pages 15 - 16

“Twin Bridges' Trespass Upon and Damage to County Waste Property”


2020 Complaint

Page 14

“Twin Bridges has deliberately sought to confuse and mislead consumers of waste and recycling services by making false statements”


2020 Complaint

Page 22


Ultimately, "Twin Bridge’s . . . actions are part of a repeated pattern and practice of disseminating false statements . . . authorized and directed by Scott Earl

. . . Twin Bridges has continued its repeated and unlawful acts even after the commencement of

this lawsuit and repeated demands . . .

to cease and desist.”


2021 Amended Complaint, Page 24

To read more about the new filing, please view a copy of our October 2021 Amended Complaint below.

Click here to see November 2020 Filing.




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